About me

My passion is to support you in finding purpose and meaning as a woman and as well as a mother. I believe that each of us has the natural ability to grow and evolve. When we grow, we are able to enrich the lives of those around us as well as others. 

My Story

I would like to share my journey to life coaching with you. I grew up in an Asian community where education and career success were given all the importance. I followed that usual pathway of school, university and eventually became a Financial Advisor for a bank. I was good at what I did but was unfulfilled. I realised that the path I was on, albeit conventionally practiced, was not the one that floated my boat. The only thing I enjoyed about my professional life was building relationships with people and helping them.

To find my own direction, I got myself a life coach and whilst working with her felt that I too was able to achieve my dreams and goals. I soon began to appreciate that if you want to do well at the game of life good role models and a life coach definitely help. I learnt how to measure my life against my own level of happiness instead of societal expectations and norms. I strengthened my natural abilities instead of forcing new ones upon myself. As a result opportunities that fitted me came my way. This is when I ventured into becoming a Life Coach. In March 2016 I qualified as a Co-Active Coach from CTI and, in December 2016 I gained my NLP Practitioner Certificate with Neuroscience through the International Teaching Seminar. Over time, coaching has become an extension of who I am. It has become my essence – the food for my soul.