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5 Reasons Why Women Struggle To Invest In Themselves

When you mention the word invest, people automatically think of money, but there are many other ways to invest in yourself. Women don’t invest in themselves enough.

Self-investment could be spending more time doing something you love, rather than just working and doing chores all day. It could be an investment of self-care, perhaps in physical or mental health or perhaps a financial investment in a personal development course.

When it comes to personal development, courses, coaching and so on, women struggle to invest in themselves for 5 main reasons.

women feeling empowered

Let’s explore those now.

  • You don’t feel empowered to make the investment without checking first

Women, especially those who aren’t the main earner, often feel that they have to check all purchases with their partner. They don’t feel able to make such decisions themselves and feel that investment in self-development or coaching might be seen as selfish when they could be other uses for the money. Men, on the other hand, generally have no qualms about signing up for courses or coaching without feeling that they need pre-approval.

  • You feel guilty about not using time, energy and money for other family members

Women and mothers in particular, often put their own needs and desires at the back of the queue. They only invest in themselves once they know that everyone else in the close family has what they need. This means that energy, money and time more likely goes to the children, then the partner, leaving little for the woman. With more and more women also caring for elderly relatives as well as young children, the pot has often run dry by the time everyone else is sorted out.

  • It’s not the right time

Following on from point 2, there’s never going to be a perfect time to invest in yourself, so having the attitude that “it’s not the right time” means that it will probably never be the “right time”. Woman with this mind-set will probably never find the time to get the coaching they need or do the self-development course that would propel them to the next level of success.

  • You are concerned that the investment might not provide a good return

What if the money spent on investing in yourself isn’t worth it?

Many women worry about whether they will get a good return on the investment. It’s important to remember that for most things, you get more out, the more you put in. This means that wholeheartedly committing to the investment and really engaging with it every step of the way is the best way to see a great return. It is within your power to make the investment work well. You are not just a passive recipient.

  • You are scared of the success that might follow

You want to do more and you want to be more, but you are frightened by the idea of being more successful. What expectations might be placed on you if your business takes off or you land a more executive role? Will you be able to keep up with old demands alongside new ones?

Many women hold themselves back from success because they fear that they won’t be able to cope. One way to do that is to put off indefinitely any self-development that they need to reach the next level by using the excuses of not enough time or it’s too expensive.

Women that do invest in themselves often find that they wish they hadn’t procrastinated so long because it really isn’t as scary as they thought. Great coaches can help you to see the right path for you and enable you to move forward in your career, as well as personal relationship.

It really is time, energy and money well spent.

I’d love to know whether you have ever passed on an opportunity for self-development and if so, what reason did you have for not going ahead?

Love to hear your comments below.

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