I hesitated initially because I was scared to make a change. I was sad and stuck in a rut. I was struggling with family issues, health issues and my life didn’t look the way I wanted it to. Since starting with Nadia I feel so much better about myself and my life. I’ve cleared up a lot of issues and now feel a lot more like me… I have even started my own business!
Nadia was supportive without being overbearing and she kept me accountable at all times. We regularly reviewed my goals and where I felt I was with them; we also adapted the sessions to whatever was going on in my life. Doing these sessions have made my life so much better. Even things that I'd never considered being issues were identified and sorted. I have a more honest relationship with those around me and my marriage is even stronger. I would recommend Nadia for anyone who is ready for making a change. She's supportive, compassionate and kind and she will hold you accountable which is what you need in a coach. You are her focus at all times and she will support you 110% with what you want to create in your life. Nadia helped me restore my happiness.

Sarah Sazan- Pharmacist

I am a working mum who was struggling to make myself as much of a priority as everyone around me and making the time to do things that made me happy outside of my family. Through having a life coach I have lost weight (yippee!!), eat more healthily, and now make conscious decisions about how I would like to live my life and fundamentally I have changed my approach to daily life. I have also learned to prioritise and forget about the smaller things which I used to dwell on. Nadia pushes you outside your comfort zone and questions your current choices to help improve your mental and physical wellbeing. I would definitely recommend Nadia's services to anyone who wants to reset their priorities, whoever is struggling with a work/life balance and who truly wants to achieve some life changing goals! You should know that you can’t get away with not doing your end of the bargain! Nadia will make sure she gets the best out of you and that you get results!

Rupa Sachdev- Pharmacist

I was struggling with issues in my personal life that were impacting on my business. Having worked with Nadia I feel have managed to let go of issues that were holding me back. I now feel much more positive about my life and my future. I would highly recommend Nadia if you feel stuck / blocked or find yourself procrastinating over business or personal issue as she will support you in finding a way to move forward and take action. Nadia is totally committed to her clients and wants you to reach your goals and realise your full potential.

Karina Randall- Yoga Teacher

Life coaching with Nadia has been an eye opening experience. Nadia was brilliant. She was the straight talking cheerleader who pushed me to question poor habits and internal dialogues/excuses which had long been unchallenged in my life. Her genuine interest in my journey made our sessions fun, relaxed yet deeply thought provoking. Be kind to yourself and find time in your life for Nadia. She respects the time that you are giving up and wont give you an easy ride. She offers a unique discussion you simply can’t have with others. She’s honest and works incredibly hard to explore what is holding you back. Expect laughter, tears and most importantly- change!

Sue Khan-Lawyer

"Nadia is a very talented lady. During our coaching sessions Nadia has personalised her support, commitment and encouragement towards me as her client and my desired outcome from her coaching.
I would wholeheartedly recommend Nadia's services to anyone, you won't be disappointed. It's often a challenge to step outside of our comfort zone and take a personal look within when we feel stuck, the stress of modern day life often make us believe that we don't have the time, or do we? Are we really too old, busy or experienced in life, to invite new and positive (change) ways to live our lives with 'Va-va-voom' and be brilliant at what we do? Nadia makes the coaching a valuable service, embellish the journey."

Karin Westlake- Community Volunteer

I started having sessions with Nadia as I was at crossroads in my life and wanted help in finding direction and motivation.  She helped me to define what is important to me and we discussed ways that I could reach my goals. I enjoyed the sessions and coaching definitely had a positive impact on my outlook and the way I will make decisions in the future. I would definitely recommend Nadia and found this to be a successful experience.

Sophie Conway- Student


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