"Working with Nadia, well, all I can say is WOW!.  The positive outlook that Nadia has on life in general is totally mind blowing and it made me wish that I had met Nadia a lot earlier in life.  I have learnt so much about myself and the person I want to be and this has, as a result, made me want to push so much further in my business.  I initially went to Nadia purely for her to help me grow my business but in fact I spent most of my coaching putting some missing pieces back together.  I see situations so differently now and I cannot tell you what a relief it is to feel less stressed.   I have also grown in confidence which is something I seriously lacked.  It was truly an amazing three month journey as life for me now is so different and in turn am more driven in my business.


I cannot recommend coaching with Nadia enough.  I would actually go as far as to say that everyone should, as its so easy to get caught up with life and having someone like Nadia by your side through both ups and downs, personal or business issues is invaluable."


"I started working with Nadia because my career was going no-where. I felt like a failure and thought it was too late for my dreams. I had wanted to be a fashion designer for as long as I knew but as I was now 40 years old I felt I had missed the boat. 

Nadia helped my see myself and my life differently & although I loved being a stay at home mum, I also had a deep desire to be a successful business woman. I am thrilled to say that I through coaching with Nadia I have started my own business as a fashion designer and am in the process of working on my first collection! 

I am happier and more confident than ever and my relationships with my family are better than ever.

Nadia definitely knows her stuff and if you want to make any changes in your life, career and relationships she is your lady. Yes there is a financial investment to make but it’s a very small price to for a happier and more fulfilling future."

Jagdish Bhagra
Fashion designer 


"When I started working with Nadia I was going through a messy divorce,  completely exhausted, not enjoying my job and commuting long hours (which in turn meant I was not spending enough time with my son).


I initially hesitated to work with Nadia  due to the cost, I didn’t know if I could justify spending money on myself (part of what I needed to work on was realising that I had to value myself and realise I was worth it). 


I am so pleased to say that some months on the results have been remarkable! I’m in a new job still as a consultant but in a hospital which is far more aligned with my values doing more of the work I really enjoy. M house has sold and I’ve bought a lovely new property closer to work which allows me to have more time with my son. My new partner  has joined us and we have all moved in together as a blended family. I am so  much more centred and feel I am getting every ounce of joy out of life. I am throwing out all the labels I had about myself - no more judgement, guilt, blame or shame. Ultimately I am  happier and more confident in my own skin."

"I approached Nadia as I felt I had lost direction in my life, I had left my role as an investment banker and did not feel I was in a great place both career wise and as a mum. I needed guidance and light at the end of the tunnel. Nadia helped me gain insight and self awareness on what the real issues were which were surprisingly not what I initially thought! She helped me understand my values and the importance of connection in my life. In the time we have worked together I have since started a business and unleashed my creative side. She's helped me with my relationships, adopt new routines and coping mechanisms which I would have not been able to do alone. She has been a fabulous life coach and I aim grateful for all the progress I made working together."


"I was interested in receiving coaching as I felt that for years I had been searching for and circling around ideas about myself and how I could live my life and I I was convinced my career needed some guidance and that if I could find clarity in this area, everything else would settle and be more balanced. 


I embarked on what I can only describe as a journey of self discovery with Nadia, the results of which have had a profound impact on both myself and those closest to me. With Nadia's guidance I have rediscovered agency in my own life, and I feel so much more confident in creating the life I want rather than simply reacting to the needs of others. One of the biggest realisations for me was that small  changes or subtle shifts can have the biggest impact. 


Overall, Nadia's expert coaching has impacted every area of my life well beyond my career, I engage wholeheartedly with my spirituality and belief system; I am now working on creative projects that align to my core values; my key relationships are stronger and nurtured. All these elements and more were within me, but hidden under excuses, old beliefs and habits. Nadia with her wit, insight and honesty has helped the 'real' me begin to emerge. Best of all I now feel compassion for myself and a renewed lust for the life that I am creating. I highly recommend Nadia as a coach as it's a life changing experience with a fabulous and inspirational mentor. "

Rose L

"I went to Nadia to find a new career direction with meaning and purpose. Central to this was actually the feeling that my life hadn’t progressed as I’d once expected it to be. I had been feeling that I was getting old and I had become unhappy with work; that I was lagging behind what I’d been expecting of myself, and I just wasn’t feeling fulfilled at work anymore.


Nadia helped me to achieve so much more than just a new career.


I’ve achieved many breakthroughs and insights with Nadia. I’ve now completely changed my mindset and feel much happier and comfortable. My biggest breakthrough was that before coaching I always felt that I wasn’t quite good enough, and now I feel like a huge asset to any organisation I will work for. My self-doubt and lack of confidence in myself have virtually disappeared, and instead I have self-compassion and the confidence that achieving what I want is always within my reach. I’m more comfortable in my own skin; I understand imperfection, vulnerability and courage and therefore feel much stronger in myself. I can also see how all my relationships have changed too. I am also able to understand those around me much more and approach problems head-on. I now understand myself in ways I never have. Overall, I’m so much more positive and I enjoy being me.

In just five months, I’ve achieved my goals and have been offered an amazing new opportunity (and £10k more money). I have been recommending Nadia to everyone, and I feel so grateful that I met her. She’s an absolute gift. Nadia’s coaching has made a huge difference to my life events and to my wellbeing. Through Nadia’s coaching, I’ve achieved a major journey of self-discovery, alongside inner peace and happiness that I’ve not felt before. I’m so pleased I had that initial consultation with her. I love her. She’s amazing and I highly recommend her – A whopping 200% recommendation from me! "

Assistant Director

"I was at a stage of my life where I felt totally overwhelmed with my four children, in laws and house responsibilities.

I felt I had no time for myself or to pursue anything specifically for me. I used to wake up dreading the day ahead knowing it would be the same old routine. 

I contacted Nadia  as I needed help but really didn't know what exactly for. Through working with Nadia I was able to create a new  life for myself.

I'm still the same mother but now feel happy to spend time with my family. We worked on many things that were holding me back and I am so happy that I now have a life and routine which also features me as well as others. Everything we worked on 

has supported my evolving state. I have a clear vision for my life, more drive & confidence and I now have better, more honest relationships. I’m even  in the process of starting my own business which is something I felt I was too old to even consider!


I'm no longer a drifter in life, I’m actually happy, content and raring to go. Deciding to work with Nadia and invest in myself is the  best gift I have given myself.  Thank you Nadia" 

Home maker

"I am a working mum of 2 young children & I decided to have coaching with Nadia as I was stuck in a rut of daily grind & was in a vicious circle of  self doubt & negativity causing me issues in important relationships especially the one with me mother in law whom I live with. 

I’ve had so many breakthroughs working with Nadia! One major one has been in my confidence & self belief. I have always struggled to say what I wanted as I was too worried about what people would think about me, I’m happy to say this is no longer the case and I now have the communication tools & the self-belief to confidently deal with difficult situations. This new confidence has in turn has not only improved all my relationships but has also landed me a new job! Coaching with Nadia has opened my mind, it has helped me develop a better daily routine that actually works and allows me to manage my time more more efficiently so that I can also feature in my own life and have time for me things I enjoy"


"I started coaching with Nadia at a point in my life where I was feeling pretty negative about both my career & close relationships. I was battling with a negative mindset, constant migraines and felt stuck. I had left a role with the civil service  (after 23 years service) and wanted to start my own business & do community mental health  projects but did not have the right mindset or confidence to make a start. 


Working with Nadia taught me how to deal with my emotions the right way, how to communicate better and how to show up authentically in the relationships that matter most  allowing me to really enjoy my relationships. I also learned how to face my fear and take action. This resulted in me finally running my mental heath event (which I had been wanting to do for 3 years) to top it off I have now started my own business which I am so excited about!


Anyone finding it difficult getting where they want and need that push I would recommend Nadia, she has empathy, is super supportive & committed to getting you the results that you come for. "


"I worked with Nadia for three months and during this time I’ve shifted my mindset completely and found light in situations which once left me feeling trapped and doomed. Through sessions, I’ve been able to mend broken relationships with my family members and develop a much healthier relationship with myself - I’m kind and gentle with myself now and I understand myself a lot better! I have also got clear on my life purpose which has meant I am also on my way to getting a job I really want & the money I deserve.  Nadia is honest, kind and patient but she also means business which is great because she encourages you and stimulates you in the areas you want to change! I would definitely recommend working with her and I honestly don’t feel you can put a price on some of the results you may achieve - for me the experience has been life changing! I shifted my happiness level from a 4 to a 8/9!  I’m very excited about my future and the possibilities I can create and I look forward to working with her again very soon!"


"When I first met Nadia I was interested in the work she was doing but didn’t know what she could do for me.  Surely, I had it all sorted!  But I also knew that I had more to contribute, there was an inkling that I had reached a plateau and this was worrying me, where would I go next?  I was ready to sign up for loads of courses, reach out to learn more and more, look for guidance externally and spend lots of time and money on all this!  4 months with Nadia and I realise all I had was already within me, all I had to do was access it and learn to use it.  She has saved me time and money, and more importantly, months or even years of frustration.    


The great thing about the leap I took to have the 1st complimentary discovery session with Nadia, (no brainer really), was I realised it was time to take my life to the next level and Nadia was the right person at the right time to guide me along this path.  A few months later and I am a changed person, even more sure of who I am, even more motivated for my next steps in life, clear about where I am headed, more involved as a person in all that I do.  My family and friends can see the change, the increased confidence and presence.  More importantly, I can feel the change, it’s hard to explain, but I feel it in my core.  I also know that I am impacting those around me, all my relationships are so much better, even the previously difficult ones, and I know they always will be.


For sure Nadia has encouraged and guided me to up my game, work to my peak, be the best version of myself - no more playing small.  I feel I have tools to continue with all my ideas and ambitions, as well as a real understanding of my priorities and values.  I feel up-skilled by the homework I have been doing and have surprised myself again and again at what I can achieve with Nadia’s guidance, insights and nurturing professional manner.  I have even started my new business, in this short time, something I could not have imagined!  My previous business is also performing better now with my renewed interest and ideas.  She was exactly what I needed at this time.


My few months with Nadia is equal to years of trying to get to this point by myself, if I could have even achieved this on my own!  The trajectory of my life has changed"