"The moment a child is born the mother is also born. She never existed before. The women existed, the mother, never. The mother is something absolutely new"- Rajneesh

I believe that you can be a wonderful mother without compromising on your dreams and goals. When you are a priority in your life you give a lot more to your children, your marriage and your career. Children learn not from what they are told but what they are shown, therefore the whole family benefits when a mother is in a strong place. I will help you find time for yourself within the hectic life of a mum and the never ending chores. Through my own experience and through the experiences of my clients’ I have come to believe that Motherhood is a time when it is more important than ever to be the woman that you have always wanted to be. It shows our children that we can self- accomplish and be nurturing at the same time. The truth is that motherhood is hard yet hugely rewarding. Enjoying the journey has everything to do with how you manage the obstacles that are in front of you and the systems that you put in place to support your life.
When I became a mother at the age of 33, I learnt from the early stages of parenthood that motherhood is only one of the roles I have in my life amongst many. I achieved success in understanding that I needed to attend my own needs with the same dedication as my child’s.

The Impact of Motherhood on your Marriage

"We think of marriage as a relationship between two mature people … who love each other and settle in to constancy and continuity. And, in fact, those two people are growing and changing all the time… Marriage requires a constant rhythm of adaptation between two people who are changing". Mary Catherine Bateson

The subject of how motherhood impacts your marriage commonly remains unspoken. In most cases even you and your spouse do not speak about it. This is one of the overwhelming and confusing matters of life where one cannot put the feelings and emotions into words. Studies reflect that almost two-thirds of new parents have concerns about their own relationship with their spouse after having a baby. Maintaining a good relationship with your spouse as well as facing the challenges of raising children together can be extremely difficult and it can give your marriage a bad taste. Marital highs and lows are very real and everyone goes through them at some point of their marriage, whether they wish to admit it and/or talk about it or not. I believe that in order to avoid shame and judgement, many of us put on an act about our marriages. We perceive marital challenges as personal failures and not just another experience of life that is universal. Being happy and comfortable in your marriage is one of the most prominent indicators to suggest an overall satisfaction of life. When such indicators are tested, it can become difficult to find the head space and emotional clarity for other things. I believe that with the correct tools and awareness you can improve this vital area of life as well as manage your own capacity to do what is best for your marriage and motherhood. I have noticed that since working on myself, I have formed a whole new marriage surprisingly with the same man. I felt more loved, more understood, more appreciated, and together we have built a better partnership.


“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all and then stands back to see if we can find them”- Elizabeth Gilbert

Our outlook to work can alter after having children. The women I work with are striving to use their creativity to reach their potential, to create a work/life balance and to be recognised from something other than being a mother. These women are ready to give themselves the permission to design a working life that they love. My role is to support you to maximise your potential, to help you create opportunities whilst balancing motherhood. I LOVE MY WORK. I have learnt that when you love what you do, you do not measure it against time.


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